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- 27/02/2024 -

5 essential steps to prepare your international logistics for Consumer Day

Are your international logistics ready for Consumer Day?

Get ready for the sales boom! March 15th is a very significant day for online sales. And if your e-commerce is international, this challenge is even greater. Finally, let's dive into five essential steps that will boost your International Logistics operation for Consumer Day.

International Logistics for Consumer Day

1. have your Consumer Day stock ready

First of all, let's talk about stock. It's essential to have your best-selling products well stocked. But how do you know which ones? This is where a careful analysis of sales trends comes in.

Look at your customers' favorite products, the items that have sold the most in previous Consumer Day editions in your store and take the opportunity to offer a discount to boost sales of products that haven't sold as much so far.

2. International Logistics Without the Headache

Now, about international shipments. They can be a minefield of complications, right?

In order to simplify your international logistics, ShipSmart takes care of your shipments end-to-end. This means that our app takes care of everything from calculating freight and landed costs at the checkout to managing the logistics of exporting your products. This includes issuing standardized documents and multi-carrier tracking statuses.

This way, your e-commerce business has operational freight support throughout the entire process and you can devote your time to the most important thing: the customer experience!

3. Strategic partnerships are key to successful international logistics

First and foremost, logistics partners are your best friends in this process. With ShipSmart, integrating competitive freight rates with the largest international carriers into your e-commerce is easy. In other words, it strengthens your international logistics network and gives you access to competitive freight rates.

Just to illustrate how much the value of shipping can impact on a purchasing decision: in the global consumer survey conducted by DHL in 2023 (Global Online Shopper Survey), 65% of respondents said that free shipping is one of the tools that improves the online shopping experience.

4. Technology in Your Favor

You can't talk about logistics without mentioning technology. ShipSmart is a shining example of this. It optimizes the shopping experience by calculating freight and taxes in real time. But it doesn't stop there!

While you can count on an impeccable logistics service, you should also use inventory management and CRM software to keep everything under control. Technology is your ally for scaling and personalizing the service.

5. Excellence in Customer Service

Last but not least is customer service. It's simple: happy customers come back. They also recommend your store to their friends. So invest in effective and empathetic customer service.

So use chatbots for common questions and have a team ready to solve more complex problems. Remember, ShipSmart helps keep costs transparent, which is half the battle for customer satisfaction.


So, are you ready to make Consumer Day a roaring success?

Once you apply these five steps and have ShipSmart on your side, your international logistics will be more than ready! Remember, the key is to plan ahead and use the right tools. That way, you not only meet your customers' expectations, but exceed them.

Last but not least: does ShipSmart integrate with all e-commerce platforms?

In short, ShipSmart is integrated with the main e-commerce platforms available on the market. This means that with just a few clicks you can already have our solution in your online store.

Finally, we hope this guide will help you prepare your international logistics for Consumer Day effectively and efficiently. First of all: do you feel ready to take this important step and optimize your international sales?

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