- 13/03/2024 -

3 Best apps for Cross-Border E-commerce at VTEX

Today, it's essential to be online and VTEX is an e-commerce platform that makes cross-border possible and offers advanced functions and great flexibility. For this reason, it is a perfect solution for e-commerces looking to make cross-border sales, because it makes it easy to create personalized international shopping experiences. This helps brands stay ahead in the market.

VTEX and Cross-Border: A Strong Combination

VTEX is an excellent choice of cross-border e-commerce platform for expanding globally because, in addition to having an international checkout, it handles multiple currencies and languages well and has a multitude of payment and logistics application integrations adapted for international sales. This makes it easy to enter new markets while respecting local laws.

1. PayPal: Facilitating Worldwide Payments with VTEX

Firstly, in order to sell in other countries, it is essential to manage international payments. That's why integrating PayPal with VTEX makes this process simpler and safer. PayPal is secure and accepted worldwide, helping buyers and sellers to do business without complications. So, with VTEX and PayPal, companies can safely enter new markets.

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2. VTEX Sales App: Transforming Sales Management in Marketplaces

Although VTEX is an excellent option for your own e-commerce, global e-commerce needs to consider sales on international marketplaces. For this reason, the VTEX Sales App is an incredible tool for managing international sales from various channels. In addition, this app allows sellers to manage their sales operations on various marketplace platforms from a single point of control.

In addition, this centralization provides a unified view of sales performance, allowing merchants to identify trends, adjust strategies quickly and maximize their online presence. For this reason, the VTEX Sales App is indispensable for sellers looking to optimize their operations on marketplaces, ensuring that they can offer a high-quality service to their customers, regardless of the platform.

3. ShipSmart: Improving Logistics for the World

With regard to the challenging logistics of international e-commerce, ShipSmart presents itself as an innovative solution integrated with the VTEX platform.

With the aim of ensuring efficient delivery of products globally, ShipSmart automates the carrier selection process, which not only simplifies shipping logistics, but also ensures that the most economical and efficient option is chosen for each order. In addition, the seamless integration with VTEX allows merchants to manage the entire order flow in one place, from order confirmation to delivery to the end customer.

This results in a more agile operation and optimized shipping costs, significantly improving customer satisfaction with shorter and more reliable delivery times. Thus, the combination of ShipSmart and VTEX offers a powerful logistics solution that empowers companies to expand their global reach without compromising on service quality or efficiency.

Selling to the World

Using technologies like VTEX, PayPal and ShipSmart sets companies up for global success. They make it easier to expand to other countries, operate efficiently and offer a great shopping experience. Companies that use these solutions are ready to lead the market. With VTEX, global success is possible, allowing businesses to cross borders and build strong relationships with customers all over the world.

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