- 12/04/2022 -

Collab: the success of international collaborative retailing between brands and artists

Have you ever heard the phrase "he who walks alone may get there faster, but he who walks in company will surely go further"? This truth is proven with each new collab performed.

And every entrepreneur who discovers that to grow in the international business world it is necessary to be updated, invest in innovation, and know how to choose the best partnerships, already knows how to take advantage of the benefits of a good collaborative system. Read on and get to know some examples of success.

What is collab?

The practice of collab had been going on for decades, but in a sporadic way. With the intensification of exports and the cross-border market, this activity has gained more visibility and spread around the world.

There are reports that point out that collab started to become more constant in the fashion industry from the 2000s on. Examples such as the collaboration between the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld and the fast fashion company H&M, in 2004, marked this period, with high global repercussion.

And with the online sales scene increasingly being the "gateway" to new business, new collabs are coming to fruition.

This is because innovation, exploration of new audiences, and access to the means of production are the pillars of collaborative relationships called collab.

For a more descriptive understanding, to perform collab means to work with association strategies between brands, entrepreneurs or artists, with the objectives of creating and promoting products or services, attracting and crossing multiple audiences, and increasing the visibility and credibility of the partners.

Let's meet some successful collabs?

Collabs: meet some examples of high impact

One of the collabs that drew attention in the fashion industry in 2017 was the collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton.

That's because, first, Louis Vuitton started a lawsuit against Supreme, and then, the two appeared performing collabs together!

The lawsuit began when Supreme was accused of making skateboard decks with the classic Louis Vuitton monogram. The end result was the complete recall and incineration of the shapes.

In the same year, when everyone still thought the two big brands hated each other, they announced a collaborative launch.

Imagine the curiosity and movement around the news!

Among many other international examples of success that have reverberated on the "lips of the people," we can also mention the collab between the Italian brand Gucci and the American The North Face

The diverse collection of this collaboration between retailers brought pieces with a combined style from both brands and focused on the themes of respect for nature and sustainability.

But what about Brazil, have the collabs already started?

Yes! With so many benefits, Brazilian entrepreneurs would not be left out of this!

To start by bringing some examples, let's talk about the "Envelope" collection, a partnership between the KACE company, the artist Sidoka, and the intactoz collective.

Rapper Nicolas Paolinelli, better known as Sidoka, entered this collab to offer elements of his personal artistic style to the KACE creations, proposing new models, shapes, and prints.

Other great successes in collab in Brazil came from the Melissa brand.

A pioneer in Brazil, from a time when the concept of collab didn't even exist, the Brazilian sandals brand from the Grendene group, Melissa signed its first collaboration with the iconic stylist Jean-Paul Gaultier. The year was 1983.

And since then, other Melissa partnerships with famous people are happening every year. Among many other celebrity partnerships are those with Zaha Hadid, Karl Lagerfeld, Gaetano Pesce, J. Maskrey, and Jeremy Scott.

With the Baghdad architect Zaha Hadid, an unusual junction happened that became "an architectural work for the feet" and was included in the book "50 Shoes that Changed the World", released in Brazil by Autêntica Editora. 

With Chanel's stylist Karl Lagerfeld, glamorous and sophisticated models such as Ginga, Melissima, and Glam have emerged and generated many positive results for the brand.

And not to forget to mention Melissa's successful collabs with other brands, we remember the one that happened with FILA, with a theme about streetwear and the diverse culture of the streets.

These collaborations have taken the Melissa brand to diverse audiences and previously unreached places!

How do I find the right artist for my brand?

We've talked before about how to choose the right digital influencer for your business, to select artists who can promote your brand is not much different.

Here are some points to be observed at the time of selection.

Reach and resonance

Make sure that the artist you choose has a good relationship with your target audience and the ability to reach more people. 

One example that can be given is Anitta's partnership with Skol Beats. The pop artist already has international reach and is totally related to parties, glamour and excitement, which has everything to do with the proposal of the drink.

In this same sense, the more famous the artist, the more chances to reach his audience and expand his brand.


If the chosen artist is already recognized for his relevance and authority in issues related to your niche, this will certainly be a positive point for your brand.

For example, if you are in the cosmetics and makeup industry, look for an artist who is also recognized for being a reference in style and makeup. This will bring more authority to your brand, as well as ensure the attention of your audience.

Collabs are wonderful surprises for admirers of the fashion world, they always generate great repercussions on the brands and very positive balances for those involved. 

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The time has come to invest in partnerships that will take your business everywhere in the world.

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