International shipments
- 08/02/2024 -

What's the cheapest way to export in 2024?

International trade has never been more accessible than it is today. With the popularity of international e-commerce, finding the cheapest way to export in 2024 is becoming vital for many entrepreneurs.

Today, entrepreneurs who want to take their products across borders can rely on online solutions to manage their international shipments in a unified way.

International shipping and the customer experience

The biggest challenge for cross-border e-commerce is ensuring that products reach customers quickly and cost-effectively. An important part of the customer experience is related to the delivery of the product and the cost of shipping is a factor that encourages or hinders a conversion.

For this reason, having a platform that simplifies the export process is essential for speeding up freight quotes.

In addition, offering package tracking contributes to a more transparent transaction and guarantees more security for your customer.

cheapest way to export in 2024

What carrier options are available for exporting?

There are many carrier options for international shipping. Each one has its advantages and offers benefits that meet the specific needs of each company.

However, in order to guarantee a competitive shipping price, carriers such as DHL, UPS and FedEx, and even the Post Office, require a high volume of monthly shipments.

On the other hand, companies that are just starting out in the international market don't have a high initial volume of shipments. Therefore, retailers need to adopt strategies to dilute the cost of shipping. This will ensure more sales for your online store.

What's more, to make an international shipment you need to access the system of each of the carriers. You then have to enter the same information about the country of origin, destination, measurements and weight of the box several times to get a quote.

When we're talking about one or two shipments a day, this seems like a reasonable amount of work. But when it comes to dozens of shipments a day, the time spent on this task may not be worth it.

How can we guarantee the cheapest way to export in 2024?

Platforms like ShipSmart act as a hub for freight calculations with several renowned carriers. This means you can quote with several carriers at the same time, entering your shipment information only once to guarantee the best price and delivery time.

This ensures operational efficiency not only when quoting, but also when managing shipments. This includes generating export documents and scheduling collection, as well as tracking each box sent in a unified dashboard.

Taxes: an obstacle to international shipping

When considering the costs associated with exporting, you need to bear in mind that your product may be taxed when it enters the destination country.

For this reason, in addition to shipping, ShipSmart stands out for calculating the taxes generated by your package and the possibility of paying these taxes in advance, thus ensuring that your box reaches its destination without having to stop at customs.

The cheapest way to export in 2024 is with ShipSmart

Finding the cheapest way to export products is crucial to business success. ShipSmart offers the operational efficiency and security of the world's best carriers, as well as the best freight rates on the market.

ShipSmart is the ideal platform for entrepreneurs taking their first steps in global trade and for e-commerce giants looking to optimize their international operations.

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